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Reach & Teach Association

Reach & Teach Association offers educational workshops and seminars for adults and afterschool clubs for youth in grades K-12. Reach & Teach Association is an approved Continuing Professional Education provider with the Texas Education Agency (TEA). CPE# 902182. Our Mission is to provide a positive atmosphere that offers each the opportunity to gain proficiency in skills necessary for future goals. Reach & Teach Association enables youth and adults to reach their full potential as loving, self-sufficient, productive, responsible, well-rounded citizens.

The following is a list of a few of our clubs offered to the youth:

Early Graduation Program (9-12)
Credit Recovery (9-12)
Homework Assistance & Tutoring (K-12)
STEM Club (K-12)
Education & Career Club (6-12)
Character & Leadership Club (K-12)
Health & Life Skills (K-12)
The Arts Programs (K-12)
Sports, Fitness and Recreation (K-12)

Our Club Goals are as follows:

1. To provide safe, supervised, structured programming for youth after school
2. To prevent delinquency & reduce crime committed by/against juveniles
3. To improve participants’ school performance, conduct, and attendance
4. To encourage the ongoing involvement of parents & the community in youth programs.
5. To motivate youth to develop citizenship & good health habits
6. To build positive partnerships to create fun, affordable, quality after-school programming for youth in Houston

Adult workshops are tailor made to meet both your educational and financial needs. We conduct workshops and seminars on a variety of topics for a variety of clients.  Administrators, Educators, Schools, Childcare Facilities, and Business Owners utilize our services to provide continuing education for all staff.  Contact us for your free consultation today!