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PuntwidaTrezvant's Biography

Puntwida L. Trezvant, M.Ed., M.A.  is the author of several books, including It's All About You!. Puntwida is the Founder, President & CEO of Reach & Teach Association. She is a proud mother and entrepreneur. She has had a positive impact on education and business systems and is actively engaged in a number of projects. She has earned many awards and certificates in the fields of education and business.

Puntwida holds a Master’s degree in Education from Belhaven University where she specialized in Curriculum and Instruction and a second Masters degree in Human Sciences from Our Lady of The Lake University. She also obtained a BA degree with a Field Major in Psychology, Education, and Sociology from Wichita State University. Prior to founding Reach & Teach Association she served as an Elementary, Middle, and High School teacher for over 17 years and a Community College Instructor for over 10 years. Puntwida has made countless presentations to many diverse groups.